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Discipline is the KEY of SUCCESS.

Once Traders adhere to DISCIPLINE, they themselves have a decisive advantage in every battle on their trading journey, specifically in the financial market. However, in reality, it is very difficult to follow discipline because there is always an enemy of success in each of us named: EMOTION. When emotions go up, intelligence goes down, discipline is easily broken, leading to long and continuous chains of loses. This is the main cause of the failure of most traders.

Understanding the root cause of the problem and expecting traders to practise discipline absolutely, FXCE has created a breakthrough that is unique in the world and for the first time in history: FXCE TRADER'S GUARD

Trader's Guard was developed to help Traders practise consistency and discipline through commitments to the system; then gradually develop skills and complete the trading system. Not only that, this feature also protects capital against unexpected fluctuations when prices change unexpectedly.

Traders can set up Trader's Guard based on their skills and trading system. For the first time in the world, the terms that Traders commit to are monitored and violations are handled completely and openly by the system. All violations will be stored to help Trader easily track and fix for next orders.

Trader's Guard is integrated into the Live and Demo Pro accounts at FXCE. With 06 criteria of DISCIPLINE, FXCE TRADER'S GUARD ensures the discipline training for Traders in all areas such as: Pair(s) selection, Risk management, Trading session, Equity drawdown, Floating drawdown and Max order limit. Particularly, 06 criteria for training DISCIPLINE for traders include:

1. Pair(s) selection

Help traders choose the currency pairs that are allowed to trade, for example: EURUSD, GBPCHF, etc. Each product always has its own characteristics suitable for each trading system, specific trading styles. TRADER'S GUARD will help traders keep DISCIPLINE in choosing the right products that the traders understand and trade most effectively, while avoiding the risks of trading the wrong products or other products that are not on the recommended list.

2. Risk management

Help traders manage maximum losses by order or by account. TRADER'S GUARD will strictly control the loss, to help traders practise DISCIPLINE when trading with a reasonable volume, as well as prevent themselves from any risks arising from the trading and make sure that the account is always safe.

3. Trading session

Help traders manage the time allowed to trade and hold orders, in particular, the dates of the week and the times of the day. TRADER'S GUARD precisely controls the date and time when an order can be entered. Therefore, traders will follow discipline on how to enter orders at the right time of the day and week, there will be no too many orders and orders at the wrong time.

4. Equity drawdown and floating drawdown

Equity drawdown and floating drawdown: Help traders prevent themselves from risks by managing maximum drawdowns by day, week, month or by total assets (asset drawdown or float). TRADER'S GUARD strictly controls daily, weekly, monthly and total asset declines according to equity drawdown and floating drawdown statistics. Therefore, TRADER'S GUARD accompanies Traders in CONTROLING EMOTION when experiencing a loss that causes the account to decline and immediately prevents traders from the actions that are harmful to the account such as: entering many orders, entering order with large volume, entering orders without placing stop loss, etc. This will help Traders have more stable trading psychology, stronger DISCIPLINE and the accounts will be protected in a safer way.

Management of floating drawdown:

Similarly, floating drawdown is also a great way to help traders control assets.

5. Max order limit

Help traders manage the maximum number of orders at a time, in the same currency pair or the maximum number of orders in a day, week, or month. TRADER'S GUARD helps traders keep DISCIPLINE by completely handling the situation of being too excited or bitter with the market when trading continuously. In addition, it also helps traders to be more patient in choosing good, reliable signals with a high probability of winning.

Once a trader violates the commitments set out, TRADER'S GUARD will immediately close all orders, lock the trader's account for a period of time. Therefore, it helps to eliminate potential risks and protect your account in the safest way.

In this way, TRADER'S GUARD always helps and accompanies TRADERS in completely CONTROLLING EMOTION, absolutely FOLLOWING DISCIPLINE, radically MANAGING RISKS MANAGEMENT and step by step towards SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS in the journey of conquering all financial markets.

FXCE is a social trading platform with the purpose of connecting traders and investors together, making it easy for the community to connect. At the same time, it offers a wide range of products such as foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, global stocks and many more other products, in order to create a comprehensive development ecosystem of decentralized finance (Defi) that is completely transparent, secure and stable.

For more information and details, please visit: FXCE Trader Exchange

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